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A look at some notable video projects and statistics I helped bring to the brand.

Prior to joining the team at Eddie Bauer, the youtube channel alone had about 6500 subscribers and and just shy of 18million total brand impressions for the entire channel. Although I was focusing on a broad content marketing strategy, I believe youtube is a vital element to any brand's voice, and I elevated content storytelling for the brand as well as introducing policys for content on youtube to enhance the experience including: professional caption services on all videos, intentionally designed thumbnails, better descriptions with links back to the brand's website, use of end-cards when applicable, additional playlists, and more. In less than 4 years time, subscribers shot up to over 71,000 (an increase of about 1000%) and impressions of nearly 392million (over 2000%).

Breathtaking: K2

This tent-pole content is a documentary featuring alpine climbers Adrian Ballinger and Carla Perez on a no-oxygen summit attempt of one of the most treacherours mountains in the world, K2. It continues to be one of (if not the) most engaged with pieces of motion content the brand has produced. It represents a great success story in many regards because we relied heavily on a long-game, organic release strategy based on SEO, content ecosystems, and self-promotion rather an a paid-media approach.

Produced by: Internal
Notable Submissions: Best Film on Climbing - New Zealand Mountain Film Festival.
Screened at: Mountain Film, Breckenridge FF, INKAFEST Mountain FF
Youtube Stats: (as of May 2023) 12.5million views. 320million impressions.


Another tent-pole documentary, featuring Esteban "Topo" Mena and Carla Perez as the attempt a first ascent route of the seventh highest peak in the world, Dhualagiri. Before this film released, our crew and climbing team released "field dispatches" from the mountain; a series of short, edited pieces that gave intimate looks at life as a mountaineering couple. The series and the film continue to be pop performing content on the channel.

Produced by: Triage (Tommy Joyce and Keith Ladzinsky)
Notable Submissions: Best Short Documentary - Florence Film Awards. Best Cinematography - Ouray International Film Festival
Screened at:
Toronto Lift-Off FF
Burbank International FF
Marina del Rey FF
Milan Gold Awards
New York Movie Awards
Amsterdam Lift-Off FF
New York Lift-Off FF
Newport Beach FF
Mountain & Adventure FF
Gunks Climbing FF
Golden Gate International FF
Krakow Mountain Festival
Youtube Stats: (as of May 2023) 855k views. 14million impressions.


A completely non-verbal documentary exploring the story of deaf climber Sonya Wilson. This film represents the strength of content not only as a marketing tool but as an expression of brand principles. Committed to promoting a more equitable and inclusive outdoors, Eddie Bauer not only funded this project but brought Sonya onto our community leader team to continue to advocate for a more accessible industry. Meanwhile, the film attracted a large audience and brought awareness to a much deserving community.

Produced by: Spruce Tone Films
Notable Submissions:
"Viewers Choice" - Webby
Staff Pick” - Vimeo
“Best Climbing Film” - Kendal Mountain Festival
“Best in Theme: CommUNITY” - Wild & Scenic Film Festival
“Most Inspiring Film” - No Man’s Land Film Festival
“Best Short Documentary” - Lookout Wild Film Festival
“Best Short Film” - London Mountain Film Festival
Screened at:
Banff Mountain Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Trento Film Festival
Bozeman International Film Festival
Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
DC Environmental Film Festival
European Outdoor Film Tour
Wasatch Mountain Film Festival
Sheffield Adventure Film Festival
Sedona International Film Festival
Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival
Justice Film Festival
Fresh Coast Film Festival
Vertical Life Film Tour
Pirineos Mountain Film Festival
Rose Foundation Film Festival
ReelAbilities Film Festival
Portland Deaf Film Festival
Rocky Mountain Deaf Film Festival
Youtube Stats: (as of May 2023) 7k views. 70k impressions.

Outdoor Curious Series

This series features the Eddie Bauer team of guides and community leaders answering questions from the community and from around the internet. It is not only a tool of community engagement but a tool for directly improving rank in SEO results for the Eddie Bauer blog and Youtube search as well as lifting all Youtube organic traffic via serialized content uploads. Because all the videos directly respond to high ranking questions about outdoor topics around the internet, the transcript of the video serves as great blog content along with the videos. And because the videos are all around 15 minutes and over, they are on trend with modern youtube serial content to keep the Eddie Bauer channel active and relevant when other tent-pole content gets uploaded. We produced 24 of them in 2 years, as well as social cutdown versions for TikTok and Instagram.

Playlist: HERE

Produced by: Internal
Youtube Stats: (as of May 2023) 121k views. 3million impressions.

One Outside Film Grant

Advocating for underrepresented voices in the outdoors was an opportunity I brought forward in 2021 with the introduction of the One Outside Film Grant. Eddie Bauer award six $10,000 grants to filmmakers to create outdoor films, two years in a row. In 2021, BIPOC filmmakers were highlighted and in 2022, LGBTQ+ filmmakers. We partnered with community advocates and leaders to administer the grant and worked with filmmakers as a resource to help when needed. The program shows that pure data doesnt always paint a clear picture. The films may not have been the highest engaged content on our channel, but the brand authentic story we have was important. We continue to work with some of the partners we met when creating our panel to establish industry leading policies when it comes to vendor compensation equity. One of the grant recipients has become a preferred vendor for continued storytelling. Another recipient wrote later telling us their film helped them land a job at a creative studio and they continue to make outdoor films. And another was able to get their film in Mountain Film and other film festivals. It's important to realize that data only helps to interpret success, but success (especially in storytelling) comes in many forms.

Produced by: Internal

Antisana VR

A VR experience of summiting Ecuador's Antisana, available on Youtube and Oculus, this film brought new technology to Eddie Bauer's content strategy. Originally intended to be part of a travelling exhibit for the brand's 100 year annivesary, covid-19 brought most of the experience to a standstill, but oddly enough, this video experience was still able to delight people during lockdown.

Youtube Stats: (as of May 2023) 162k views. 4.2million impressions.



MY CONTRIBUTION: Sr Art Director Content Development

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