Eddie Bauer | Outdoor Curious

A video series of experts answering questions from the Internet

The outdoors is a wonderful place and people get curious about it. When they have a burning question about a place, gear, or an activity they turn to the internet to satisfy that curiosity. This series of videos was developed to source the internet’s most searched questions about Eddie Bauer brand-aligned topics and present these questions to our the brand's guides, athletes, and leaders in a way that invites open and honest responses– drawing on their expertise and knowledge in their field.

How expensive is it to climb Mt Everest? Do I need to know how to rock climb before ice climbing? What's the best way to poo in the woods? 

These are questions people ask online– and statistically, ask A LOT. Season one of Outdoor Curious relied heavily on SEO tools to discover what questions were being asked by Google users as a starting place. As the program grew, we were able to source more questions directly from brand customers and social media followers for a more catered experience.

The series lives on YouTube as a primary host for the content. However, additional cut-downs were created for TikTok and Instagram for further engagement and question prospecting. The 15:00 + videos boosted organic impressions for much of the Eddie Bauer YouTube channel's content and a transcript of each video allowed for the content to naturally port over to the brand's blog for SEO value.


Concept model. The front side of the container lowers to become a stage.




MY CONTRIBUTION: Concept Development, Art Director, Design

Kevin Knutson



Seattle, WA