Eddie Bauer | Down Innovation Page

An educational page devoted to making a more informed customer.

The objective was to make an evergreen resource page that explored how down as a material is used in outerwear. Tackling topics like fill power, weight, down sources, and construction methods, the page is meant to de-mystify the material and help them make a more informed purchase. The world of down outerwear is wide, used by technical athletes and casual consumers alike, so approachable and educational resources are important for ensuring happier users, fewer returns, and less waste.


Concept model. The front side of the container lowers to become a stage.

As a pioneer in the down-outerwear market, Eddie Bauer also used this page as an opportunity to express authority in this space with a brief history of down innovation through history. This animated timeline, as part of the experience, shows the brand's deep roots in working with the material.




MY CONTRIBUTION: Project Lead, Design, Art Director, Strategy
DESIGN: Em Koebl

Kevin Knutson



Seattle, WA